don't ever hesitate to ask us for a "Sample!"



Starting with the Sampler's own Friendship Tea, a delicious blend of tea, fruits, and spices served hot or iced, depending on the weather, for sale as an instant mix!



Mixes made from old family recipes include Beer Bread, Butter Dream Cookies, Almond Bars, Banana Bread. Made right on the premises, they're for sale and just like homemade...only easier!




Maple syrup is made by a 4th generation family on Sugar Hill, and other maple delicacies are made nearby.



Jams, jellies, fruit butters, dressings, pickles, antipasto, dips, and spreads are all absolute favorites of most everyone who visits the Sampler.  So much to Sample! Our fudge has been made by the same man for over 40 years!



Cheeses are faithfully made on a farm in Vermont - try the unusual maple-smoked or horseradish cheddar.



Old fashioned, gourmet candies to tempt you will be found on the old baggage wagon from the Sugar Hill train station, closed long ago. We have the original station sign and agent's hat and telegraph apparatus too!