We love offering the unusual and the useful

Whether made in New Hampshire or halfway around the world, you'l find exotic wooden bowls, platers, and vases created from tree roots...Marquetry pictures from Colorado...salad sets and serving pieces from Hawaii...miniature moose and bears carved out of ironwood in New Mexico...even Tervis insulated tumblers: guaranteed for life, from Florida, and famous since the 1940's.




The Sampler has always been known for its candles

From Root Candles, known for their highest-quality tapers, to marvelously fragrant jar candles from Kringle, to hand-crafted looped tapers in amazing colors from Maine.


Soaps & Toiletries

Abound from old fashioned, homemade mills in France, rich with the fragrance of Provence. Don't miss our body butters and hand lotions.



From around the world, around New Hampshire, and dear to our hearts, hand-made jewelry designed and handcrafted by our neighbor Susan Packard.


Each of these carved bowls or platters are hand-carved from the stumps and roots of the Chinese Fir called SHAN MU, which grows in the mountains of Central China. They're removed after logging operations, making use of the entire tree, and each gnarled stump is transformed by artisans into the unique specimens you see here. Each is truly one-of-a-kind. 


Christmas is always special at the Sugar Hill Sampler. Select the latest designs of sought after American-made Byers' Choice Carolers. Tree ornaments like you've never seen, from adorable animals made from natural bristles or hand-embroidered felt to gorgeous hand-painted scenes from Uzbekistan, or unique New England landmarks hand-painted from the inside.


Start your collection of American-made tiny wooden "Gingerbread Houses" -  you'll want an entire village, including toy shops, Santa's barn, train station, town clock, even a windmill. Every house has a scene inside it to intrigue the young and old alike and all can be lit from the bottom.

Garlands and artificial branches so real you almost have to touch to know for sure - safe and last indefinitely, they've been a hallmark of the Sampler for 50 years...for every season and every color scheme. We also carry LE Lit Pictures - with timers, they're the absolute favorite new items, and they're not just for Christmas...varied sizes, magical scenes for all seasons...they're modestly-priced "must see" piece of nostalgia.