Lupine Celebration

Celebrating the flowering of wild lupines has been an increasing favorite time in June for over 20 years. Blooming depends on the weather... 

The Sugar Hill Sampler is a central point of this event, with fields of lupines on all sides. Our Lupine & Poetry Walk meanders through our own fields with their magnificent view of the mountains. Little signs with famous quotations and poems dot the's just a great photo opportunity. On Saturdays or Sundays during the celebration, you can enjoy the lupines taking a wagon ride, pulled by magnificent horses, through the fields around the sampler. A top the wagon is an even better chance for great photos!

While the beauty of the flowers is what we are really celebrating, there are special events, and special shopping offerings at many places. Come enjoy the lupines in June, a breath of Spring here long after it has probably gone by where you live. Bring your camera or paints and capture its beauty forever.